this is the day

Mass media check, Vatican check, secret service check, party people
This is the day to meditate and this is day to take off your mask
This is the day to show your true face and this is the day to get your freak on
The sun is rising bringing joy to the hypocrites in suits and ties
And when the night falls, I still see through the full moon their halloween costumes
Bringing colors to the night
Dance with me as if it is your last
Come on, come on, come on shake that boody as if no one is watching you
Come on, come on, blast it on my face as I may never see you again
Come on, live your life as you please for no one gives a damn
Come on, come on, live your life to the fullest
Come on baby, shake it
Yes, yes, yes, yes
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Why should I give money to the church
When I know they use it for settlement
This is my true face and true color
Ladies got the groove, I got the vibe
Guest what! game on
All the sideliners join the ballroom floor
Yesterday's gone, not sure about tomorrow
This is the day to show your true face
This is the day to give it all you got
Though I know morality died long time ago
I have no hole for Vatican's priests
Stop abusing innocent kids in the church
Come to the club with your robes show your true face
This is the day to show your true color
Come on, show! Show!
This is the day
Whowhowho?miaou? Miaou ?cocorico cocorico?
This is the day
It's a shame and a disgrace to hear the boy cried
Can you please take your ring off father
The preacher replied: no no no baby it's my wristwatch
Come on, ride baby ride, ride baby ride
Who told you to join Babylon's church
This is the day
I have no tax money for fools to ride on
Is it holloween yet? Is it holloween yet
This is the day
If the preachers refuse to preach, the rocks will
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
this is the day, this is the day

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