Ohw/ohw ohw -------- owh/ohw ohw
Many miles away
I have you on my mind
You are my sweet love
Many miles away
I can't stop loving you for you mean the world to me, eh
The first time that I placed my eyes on you, I knew in your
heart lives my lone soul
The first time that I saw your lovely face I could read my
future in your eyes

Ohw/ohw ohw
Girl, I love you
Ohw/ohw ohw

I call on god in heaven above to ask him for guidance and
sweet kindness
Then I open the book of great lovers to discover all your true
I find that roses are not enough
So I try, you know that I try in many other ways
Yes I try now, and I'm still trying to reach your soul
With hair, nails done twice a week
Chorus: ohoh
Bling bling to make you shine ohoh

Movies every weekend oh oh
Shopping spree alitalia oh oh
Visiting Eiffel tower oh oh
Great pyramids in Egypt oh oh
Cruising Caribbean oh oh
Candlelight dinner with you oh oh

Though my trials, my attempts are in vain
I hear they're saying oh
Where there is a will, there's always a way
Now, I'm trying to win your heart
With a roof over your head oh oh
Big rock on your finger oh oh
Jaguar in your front yard oh oh
Jacuzzi bubble bath oh oh
A lion in your bed oh oh
On my knees to your command oh oh
Making love all night long (oh oh)
I live for you

Baby I live for you
Oh oh I need your love
Yes I live for you
I need it now
Baby I live for you
Oh oh don't wait for later
Yes I live for you
It may be too late

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