From the streets of Haiti, to now soaring to the top of the charts.

A native of Haiti, the artist now known as 'Willy S' endured struggles beyond most Westerner's darkest nightmares. Those experiences shaped Willy's social conscience, his music and his fervent passion for improving the lives of Haitian children and the world.

After his parents were forced to leave Willy with the care of relatives in order to find employment outside of the country, Willy's Great Uncle cast him out onto the streets.

Without food or money, Willy slept on park benches and survived for days at a time without sustenance. At the age of fourteen, Willy was taken in by neighbours and eventually, by another Uncle. Working diligently at his schoolwork and in odd jobs, Willy committed himself to a better future and ultimately earned a college degree.

"I will forever be influenced by what happened to me as a child," says Willy. "It's not a secret that I am dedicated to the cause of helping the underprivileged children of Haiti and the world and that I spend most of my time working on their behalf. My music is a conduit to my activism and my passion for the cause."

Early charitable efforts were hindered by Willy's relatively low profile, so he made the move to Miami, Florida(USA)  to pursue his true love – recording music.

"It took time and I had to be tireless, but slowly, I built a fan base of loyal and loving people who appreciated my God given talent," says Willy.

Willy's devotion to the children of Haiti and the world has never burned brighter.

"I've been inspired by the greats – Bob MarleyMarvin Gaye and Lucky Dube," says Willy. "Those artists shone the light in the dark for me and showed me that there was something else out there, beyond the streets, and beyond starvation and poverty. I want to be that person for Haiti's forgotten children and the world. I want to show them the way to a better life."

Willy's plans include opening schools in Haiti and across the world, and continuing to send money to Haiti to fund the education of underprivileged children.

For more information about Willy S and his efforts to forge a better tomorrow for the children of Haiti and around the world, visit his website:

Willy Saintidor / / 305-303-1671

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